Mindless Charity

So next year I will be participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. It’s basically a scheme to get kids doing stuff and things in their community. I’ll be doing the silver award and the god the following year. You have to learn a skill (probably Piano for me, or I might learn a new skill like completing a course online or locally). A physical (badminton or rowing). An expedition (just a 3 day hike). And finally you need to do volunteering.

Everyone I know who’s done it before has worked in a charity shop. They spent a few hours every week, FOR A YEAR. Working in a charity shop. In a charity shop you literally do nothing. Sure you may get one or two customers but that’s about it. You end up spending most of you time alone, maybe helping to label some items. If DofE is about participating in the community and increasing your skill I’m not sure how this mindless work fits into it.

Early on I decided that I would definitely not be helping out in a charity shop for my volunteering hours. So the question remained. What should I do then? A soup kitchen? I actually considered that for a while, I could learn to cook hearty soups and get to know the less privileged people in Edinburgh. Then my dad enlightened me about the people that visit soup kitchens at 12pm, the idea was immediately dropped.

Maybe I could help at some not-for-profit organisation in Edinburgh and do actual work for them. This seemed like an actual good idea but may be hard to get a NFP to get as invested into this as I am. (it’s unlikely a company would take me for a few hours a week and have to train me).

Last night an idea hit me. I could become a Greenpeace Activist! The kind who wanders listlessly around the centre of town, asking for signatures in a way that suggests they already know people are going to say “No.” to them. I could be the best Greenpeace Activist ever! It would expand my social skills and rid me of approach anxiety. In my semi-conscious stupor I envisioned all the opening lines I could use.

“Hi, do you have any time to discuss our God and Saviour, Chuck Norris?”

And many other one-liners that were hilarious to think about at 1am but now seem to elude me.

Maybe this whole Greenpeace volunteering isn’t for me, I don’t even know whether Antarctica is the one at the bottom of the globe or the top.


2 thoughts on “Mindless Charity

  1. I’m not sure what volunteer opportunities are like in your area (it sounds scarce) but I live in America and I do a bunch of volunteer stuff! Some ides would be to help out in the special needs community whether through an organization or group home. You could volunteer at a nursing home – there’s lots to do there like bingo and stuff. You could help set up events in the area. These are just some ideas! I hope you find something you like. 🙂

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