Sleeping For a Week

The old adage that “sleep is for the weak” is something that fundamentally insults my being. It’s my ‘trigger’ phase. If I see someone post it online I will launch into a huge tirade online about how they are despicable people and deserve to be covered in pig entrails and immolated. I don’t really think that, that was just a jab at the ‘social justice warriors’ of the world.

Apparently at my age I should be sleeping 8-10 hours a night. Most of my friends sleep about 7, I aim for a minimum of 9. On school nights that’s about a 9;30 bedtime (self enforced – my parents aren’t forcing me to have optimum shut-eye) and a 6:30 ish wake up. I could go to sleep later and wake up later but nothing productive ever happens after 9:00 and 6:30 gives me ample time for food, a bit of reading and anything else I want done. I try to sleep 9 hours because apparently REM cycles every 90 minutes and if you wake up mid-cycle you’ll be incredibly sluggish.

This holiday I’ve managed to sleep about 10-12 hour nights. I just feel like my body needs it to repair all the damage that’s racked up over term time- or maybe because I’m plain lazy, but its pretty fun nonetheless.

Last December I attended some Chinese overseas thing. Basically they got 200 Chinese kids from around the world into this one awesome hotel in China for 10 days, and barely any supervision. I went to bed every night at around 2am, only to be woken up at 6;30am EVERY MORNING to go for a run. (most of the other kids would wake up around 10 but our activity leader was a little overzealous) A few days in I barely felt any effect (the dopamine was coursing through my system and my blood was half caffeine). By the last day I was ruined. I was seeing funny, I could hear odd sounds, I was irritable and cranky. On the plane back I slept -coma like- for the whole 12 hour flight. So great was my stupor that I had managed to slap away a German friend that had tried to wake me up.

Sleeping is probably my favourite thing to do. The problem is I’m not very good at it. I’m always the last to all asleep on sleepovers. At camp I’m awake, talking through the twilight hours every night. Any slight modifications in temperature will shake me awake. Light, humidity and sounds will instantly wake me. Frankly in the class of sleeping I deserve an F.


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