My Hidey Hole.

Growing up I never really had my own hidey hole, frankly I didn’t even spend that much time in my bedroom. Even now my bedroom is furnished spartanly and I don’t spend much time in it, frankly I only ever go in to change and sleep (or the occasional bit of reading in bed). My house never lent itself to hidey holeing, frankly it doesn’t have any small nooks. There’s a cupboard under the stairs but sadly that’s full of random crap we never bothered moving into the garage. There used to be a little one, in the study, under a desk and behind a filing cabinet thing. The desk got changed when I was about  but I still remember hiding behind it, eating pistachios (for some strange reasons I used to love pistachios, I don’t as much any more but pistachio ice-cream is still a favourite).

Anyway all this childhood paucity culminated about a month ago. Near my house there’s a small wooded area, some ‘making Edinburgh green’ rubbish that’s designed to get kids interested in nature. Frankly the only people that walk in it are dog walkers and druggies. Its bordered by a grassy path that I used to walk along most mornings (because some random hippy told me it’d make me cool).

In between two trees, there’s a clear path into the wooded area. Naturally I decided to venture in. about 10 metres in there was this clearing, well not really a clearing but rather a ring of disgusting vegetation surrounded by a few taller trees.

I’m not sure why but I took a liking to this, it seemed quite nice, a woodland hollow. So every day for about a week I would come back to this area and pull out the weeds that inhabited this hollow (boohoo I killed some plants). I proceeded to de-clutter the central mass over time, stacking the branches and twigs into a sort of amphitheatre around the clearing. I found a few larger branches and suspended them between two trees, frankly I have no idea what I’ll do with them but they seemed cool.

So by now I have this odd sort of clearing, in the middle of a public wood, that seems to have no real use, but frankly it was really fun making it and I really hope some junkie doesn’t decide to come in and piss all over everything I’ve done. clearing


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