The Tyranny Of Slow Wi-Fi

Recently we just changed our WiFi provider from Sky to BT (partly because we though they were throttling our network after to many complaint calls.

This sudden loss of a nurturing mother hit me hard. I had lost all the Sky channels, some 400 including Sky 1 and Atlantic (the home of thrones). We lost the ability to record, pause or even rewind live TV. This was substituted with Netflix, which after a while seems to pale in comparison to its American version.

This loss of TV didn’t hit me as hard as I thought it would frankly, Netflix, and now possible Amazon Prime, have replaced the hole it left in my life.

But the one thing that this change-over ruined was our home broadband. Turns out we used to be on the Sky optic fibre network, meaning we quite possibly had the highest speed possible for our area. For BT there is no such thing as this. It’s sad how much my life revolves around my router. I watched/listened to about 2 hours of YouTube a day, GONE. Amazon Prime frequently stutters to a stop around 9. Websites load stupidly slow. Messages send incredibly slow, if at all. (For some reason snapchat stories have to load twice before you can view them, once for the thumbnail, and again for the picture) Scrolling through Instagram isn’t really scrolling any more, more like trudging through a quagmire of impeding packets of preening girls and food.

Kids in Africa don’t have local access to clean water, I just have to turn off WiFi and turn on 4G LTE on my phone to fix my problems and sadly enough I’m more aggravated by my situation.


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