I Quit.

So apparently I’ve been doing this blog for two weeks and two days, writing 16 posts each around 400 words. That’s about 6400 words, I think, my maths isn’t up to scratch on a bus just after school.

I suppose I’m having doubts, is this worth it, the time it takes me to write a post a day. Currently it takes about, maybe half an hour of typing. Not sure if that’s competitively a lot, I don’t really proof read these things, frankly I don’t think I’ve read over these posts more than twice.

I would love to say that I’m so busy that I can’t spare half an hour a day, but that just wouldn’t be true, I’m sure I can cram it into my schedule when my schedule gets tighter, frankly I think I should keep this up, I feel notable changes in my writing and its a fun learning curve (plus I type quick as hell now on my phone) and also maybe I need a bit more stuff to cram into my day, stop me getting too complacent.

So ye, I came into this wanting to quit soonish, probably on my month anniversary, but I don’t think I will any more. I suppose that shows how your brain often wants something on the surface but if you delve deeper into your thinking you discover what you should really do. Suppose that’s the parable for the day. (Thinking Fast and Slow is an incredible book on this, or any human psychology).


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