Convictions Are Greater Foes Of Truth Than Lies

The theme for the next few days is going to be based on an English essay that I will have to write for my National 5 portfolio. It’s a discursive essay based on a talk we did last year in English. Stupidly my 14 year old self, enamoured in contrived and stupid sounding topics. (plus I was trying to one-up my friend at philosophy)

I picked a quote by Nietzche that I thought had been echoed by many gurus and people I admired: “Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.”

So herein forms some notes I’ve taken over the last month on my phone, randomly whenever I heard a good quote.

Truth is not an absolute at all times, there are times when truth is a grey area, rather truth is the search for the most accurate expression of something.

Both parties may be able to make their point with poignant examples, both parties are no longer searching for accuracy, rather searching to enrich their inflated egos and emotions.

Something should not be categorised as right or wrong, rather as how accurate it is.

At any moment in your life where you hold a strong belief, you should search for disconfirming evidence.

Eg Charles Darwin actively searched for disconfirming evidence on his thesis about the origin of species and that’d what made him and his treatise so illuminating

Every argument sounds good until you hear the other side

Ideas are just badges of identity for a subculture.

The truth is not repeating what everyone else is saying, the truth is not what people will pat you on the head for saying

Tai Lopez – set yourself apart from the crowd

You have decided with strong conviction, world rewards those with strong conviction (people living with integrity sticking with what they believe)

People have opinions on everything, no matter how much their life is in disarray, how incompetent they are. Ask anyone which party they align with and they will give you an answer which they believe wholeheartedly.

Anyone can make a case for any party in a vote. Every party had logical points that can be backed up with evidence.

Have you ever been wrong before, before you knew you were wrong did you were right whole heartedly. Have you learned your lesson?

Life consistency bias

People are to often stubborn about the path but flexible about their destination (goal).

Every extremist can prove that they are correct. They all have their own philosophy that affirms their beliefs and will filter information in order to further buttress their views.

Sealed within the fortress wall’s of rigid consistency, we can be impervious to the surges of reason – Robert Cialdini, Influence The Power Of Persuasion.


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