Own Your Mind (+ body)

Frankly I didn’t want to write this post, couldn’t really be bothered. Just finished rowing (it was pretty bad, we’ve decided that we’re blaming it on the fact its only the second session of the term) and got home, changed and thought I’d sit around for a while, playing some AdVenture Capitalist (my new pet poison drip)

Swung out the laptop, and thought. “Na, I’ll just write this later.” Then closed the lid and got on my phone again. I’ve mentioned before how I spend half my life with an earbud in my ear and right now I was listening to some guy review a book, I have no idea what that has to do with anything (this going off on random tangents is a sad by product of this forced writing). I thought to myself: “No, you’re going to write this bloody post and then get on with the rest of your work.”

Well I think it’s working, I’m writing now and hopefully I’ll do my work afterwards, anyway point is sometimes your mind acts like a little sissy girl (in a totally politically correct, non-sexist way) and you just have to do a little check, tell it to shut up and do what you know you need to do.

Like yesterday, we had circuits (rowing land training) I really couldn’t be bothered going, most of my friends weren’t, I was tired, my left shoe had a stone in it (though the last one was a little joke it highlights how your mind will find any excuse to get out). I was really tempted to not go, after leaving my Piano lesson, on the way to school, just outside the school gate, just before it happened. Either way the mind won out and I ended up going.

Not going to lie, I hated it, but I knew it was good for me so I went anyway.

A way to get past this mental effort is to set up good habits in your life, for some reason your mind seems to have less opposition to doing hard habits. Just make sure you do it regularly. (For example I use an app called HabitBull to record some of my habits).

Bit of a short crummy post today, but I suppose that’s how it’ll be some days (I should really stop using that excuse)


2 thoughts on “Own Your Mind (+ body)

  1. hey, are the pictures you use at the top of your posts yours? cos on one of them it says you’re (or someone else is, idk) learning burmese, which i find super cool cos i’m burmese myself, and seriously, nobody cares about the language. if you are learning burmese, hmu if u need any help from a native speaker ;D also adventure capitalist is life XD


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