Life Doesn’t Get Easier


Now the title seems incredibly sad, bordering on depressing. But there’s a second part of it.

Its meant to be finished with another bit, and the full idea being.
“As you succeed- life doesn’t get easier, your quality of problems just increase.”

Actually this does sound a little macabre and deathly and probably won’t help if you’re depressed or struggling through life.

The idea is that basically you ‘level up’ your quality of problems as you progress. This can be progression in age, maturity level of success etc.

So what bothered you yesterday won’t even trouble you now. For example back when I was a kiddy, learning 10 words a week was an onerous burden, I learnt 30 words in Chinese in a day without much complaining.

I used to hate playing piano, now I just hate having to perform grade 8 or as backing at some show at the Chinese Embassy.

So I’m not sure if this post is motivational or depressing, maybe it’s just a warning. The people at the top still have their own problems, these may seem insignificant to you but mean the world to them. On the other hand when you see others getting frustrated with their work don’t get infuriated or condone their low level of criterion, the problems they face are just as same to them as all the hard problems you face- simply they just have a different quality of problem.


2 thoughts on “Life Doesn’t Get Easier

  1. i love this post so much – a lot of people today prefer to sugarcoat their encouragement to others and i feel it’s probably better if they’re told the cold, hard truth…it doesn’t set you up for disappointment later in life half as much!

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