A Critique of Pure unReason



write this whilst sitting on a no bus beside my fat, ugly, stupid, gypsy friend. I jest because he’s not any of that, it’s just funny watching him cry as he watches me type these words into my phone.

The boy sitting behind me has hair resembling a block of ramen, he smells like a rotting carcass – disgusting even to the eagles that circle overhead. He is stupid, astonishingly stupid. We started calling him chicken nugget because he so resembles a stupid child in a motorway restaurant screaming out for his chicken nuggets, chips and a maxi cola before waddling back to his table.
(this paragraph wasn’t much of a joke honestly)

We sit in a hurtling minibus commandeered by two women so incapable of driving properly and without cussing that it physically hurts.

We’re on a school trip to some water factory (well we’re on the way back).

Some kid peed in a water bottle because our cruel school mistress wouldn’t let us stop off (well she did but we went to buy krispy kremes instead of going for a pee). The colour is disgusting and unappetising, kidding it looks like fanta to be honest (he should really get checked out for that).

Anyway I’m not sure why I’m rambling like this, maybe it’s cause I had to go to some exercise session at 7 this morning, crying.
Oh well post of the day done, violin and some cheeky badminton to do after I get back to school. Then the weekend finally. It’s strange to think I’ve only been back to school for 2 weeks it’s felt like a lot longer.


One thought on “A Critique of Pure unReason

  1. this post reminded me of a wonderful story i have about a 10 hour long minibus journey, a friend with not much bladder control and an ice cream tub…i don’t think i should ruin your blog with it though. great post ;D

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