Convictions pt 4 – The Plan

Another one of those which is just me writing for my own benefit. (Well to be honest aren’t all these posts for my own benefit, I do have to be a little selfish)

The structure of my Critical essay will probably be as follows:


Convictions are greater foes of the truth than lies. -Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Begin with explanation of the quote, something to the tune of:
    • definition from dictionary of conviction and/or truth
    • my interpretation of what he means as the ‘truth’


  • Why are convictions such dangerous foes?
    • commitment consistency bias
  • Are convictions worse than lies?
  • How can we dispell convictions?
    • Darwin argument (e.g. someone who actively searched for disconfirming evidence)
  • Why do we have convictions
    • roots in evolutionary psychology?


  • Summary of all other points.
  • End with a call to action

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