The Seasons of Your Life


The preliminary idea for this is that periods of life can be divided into seasons. Spring, summer, autumn (fall for the yanks) and the winter.

The basis for this is to reflect, well, farming cycles. I don’t know much about farming, just a some random stuff about pesticides, NPK fertilizer? And some green earth stuff that Dave Asprey and co sprout about.

The spring you till the fields. You learn, you prepare and you get ready for the coming seasons. This could be making plans, learning your craft and finding advice.

In the summer you get to work. This is the grind, where you go balls to the wall (which I hope is an expression people use) you train, work; toil, sweat and burn.

The fall is where you harvest your good, you receive accolades and awards, you see the fruits of your labour.

In the winter you rest and harden up for the next year, preparing, maintaining and organizing your equipment. You rest and relax allowing your body to recover from your work.

These seasons can be put on any period of time. In a broad sense they discuss your life, you start by learning, you work, reap and then rest.

In the time period of a year it also stays analogous.

It applies over a day. You can spend the morning stretching, getting ready physically and mentally, you work for the bulk of the day, reflect over your achievements and then rest and relax at night before you fall asleep.


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