An Anthology of Masters

The name – an purpose –  of this post comes from an idea I came up with awhile ago in a few nights whilst I tried frantically to fall asleep. The idea was to make – or write a book which would be unlike any other (or so I hoped).

The books would be wonderfully bound, not as in manuscript and written by one-handed monks but rather functional  and decorative. Plain and simple, ready to stand the wear of time. I reckon there would be a paper-back version for reasons that will be explained later.

The book wouldn’t be designed to be read as a normal book, rather it was to be read on multiple occasions, the reader would pick a page, or a few, to read at a time. It would be divided into sections- such as the basic tenants of someone’s life e.g. Health, Wealth, Relationships, Happiness etc. This book would’ve been designed to revolutionise someone’s life, completely. I believe it could be the only book that anyone needed in their lives.

Each page beginning with a quote from someone whom had expert knowledge on the topic discussed. Later it would be explained and be finished with something that you could apply to your life (this part is crucial, for the book to revolutionise lives it would need to be applied to your life). The idea is someone would apply a lesson, incorporate it into their life and change it, one at a time, thus the not reading it all at once.

The reason for the paperback version was a response to an idea I’d heard on some show with Tai Lopez and Brandon Carter, they discussed just dropping hundreds of books into impoverished areas of the world, give people the skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty. The book wouldn’t be likely to bore someone, there’s no digging for the hidden lessons, they can see results almost instantly, thus leading to more incentive to read.


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