Mini- Orgasms

The topic of today’s post is micro-orgasms, a rather crude way of saying little bursts of happiness- and sadness throughout the day.

I’m not sure where i got this idea from, maybe Elliot Hulse?(please don’t search that on Google, It’ll lead to a less than savoury result).

Anyway the idea is that the day should be separated by little bursts of happiness not by something big that you rely on as a crutch for your eternal happiness. For example maybe talking to someone or watching YouTube in the evening is what gets you through the day, I never really did like this idea, it just caused my day to blur into one and the experience was never as good as I amped it up to be. (“he who expects the least will be the most disappointed”)

So what I started doing was lowering my criteria for happiness. The littlest things amuse me now, frankly I look like a stupid 5 year old but hey, whatever. Like today, I was far too happy that I found a pen that I thought I had lost, I chuckled because I saw some child playfully fall over (I’m not sure how its possible but he managed to do it). When I’m practising Piano, instead of waiting for it to be over, I marvel at how my fingers have learnt to move over each other, in a dance of perfect coordination.

Of course with the Yang always comes a Yin. I also get little bleeps of sadness (don’t bother feeling sorry for me over this) Usually these are inconsequential things (and frankly I try to make them that way- so I can get acclimated to sadness in a healthy way – a little like being vaccinated). I frown when the pavement tiles don’t properly line up, when my music takes an unprecedented turn. I hammered my fist on my Piano when my fingers went in a fritz, I scolded myself for tripping over a platform, not out of embarrassed but rather because it was a funny thing to be annoyed over.

How does any of this help me, this constant battle between childish glee and frustrated anger. Well it seems to have lowered the peaks between times of anger and happiness (though happiness, less so) My brain seems to accept moments of sorrow, rather than brutally reject them. And when truly annoying things happen I seem to have acclimatised to them a little, decreasing the brunt effect they would have on my life.

Plus laughing out loud when you see the pavement tiles line up properly is always a plus.


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