The Myth of Being Universally Liked.

So today’s procrastination video/ thing that gets me through stupid mandarin homework was “Create Your Own Personal Ecosystem, Reward <people> who like you and stop chasing <people> who do not.” It’s from a company called RSD who have been in the media recently for being a misogynistic, sex driven, rape-enabling group. I mean they probably are, but some of their videos are pretty top notch.

The neckbeard guy describes how basically in life, you shouldn’t really try and please everyone, it’s boring, takes to much effort and will require too much social calibration. What’s easier is just to realise: not everyone will like you. Whilst this idea seems a little negative, its truthfully liberating.

Pandering to everyone’s whims is boring, it saps your energy and you’ll never be happy. Instead of having integrity, being your own man (or woman) you’ll be forced to change shape in order to avoid pissing certain people off. But what you have to realise is that some people will always not like you, take your favourite celebrity, arbitrarily mines in Benedict Cumberbatch (just because of his fantastic run on Sherlock) not everyone likes him, some say he has a funny face, which he does. A 9/11 fireman (possibly the most loved group on the planet) will still have his haters.

So the point of all this is taht not everyone will like you, that’s fine, you don’t have to like everyone; just don’t go round being dicks to everyone who ticks you off a little.

And of course stay true, to you *sleazy wink*


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