An Analogous Life


Part of my learning is based on the idea of using analogies to understand and remember things. I have a horrible memory, I frequently forget why I enter a room, terms and definitions that I learnt just 20 minutes ago.

A tactic that I’ve used since is to use imagery to remember things, as well as relating items to others in a sort of web.
For example I only managed to figure out which axis was x and which one was y by some image of a sliding ladder in a library. I remember that it goes x then y. And so if you want to get a book on the top shelf, you slide the ladder along and then you click up it. (also some Pokemon idea that is far too embarrassing to explain)

I was learning some funny bowing in violin today, totally didn’t get it. Till I realized that it looked a little like make ravioli ( little burst of laughter as well). From there I got it. You press, then release over the note/stuffing and then press the other end.

Other ideas get related to each other, in Biology, evolutionary pressures are akin to the market pressures on Economics. By building a bigger web with more neural connections it lets you remember, relate and connect a series of abstract ideas and meanings.


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