Learning From Others


Going back to my essay on convictions, one phrase struck me. It went something like “your mind is an impenetrable fortress, invisible to yourself, and only friends or enemies can turn astray and lead you past the walls.” basically what it meant was that often you fail to see your own mistakes and others need to remind you of them.

Your mind will try and make you rationalize anything that you do. By means of selection bias and other. (selection bias is basically just picking sources and viewpoints that reinforce your own personal values). Living in a echo chamber will drive you mad and make you hardened against offers of help.

I’m not sure if I ever included it into my founders letter. But I probably said to myself that I needed to listen to views from all sources. Everyone can teach you something; homeless people, people you hate, people you deem below and above you. I suppose I’ve forgotten to listen to those I deemed below me, everyone probably has a nugget of information which could help me- even if it’s telling me to never do what they’ve done. Success only comes from mistakes, but they don’t have to be yours (totally stalling by writing a Warren Buffet quote)

I’ve ignored teachers advice because I didn’t agree with their styles, with their attitude. I realized I’m acting out of sync to my values. I shouldn’t care about what my teachers attitudes to me are, (or maybe I should) rather it’s my job to listen to them and gather whatever small nuggets of information they can give me.


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