How to Achieve World Peace.

Fun little post today, couldn’t be bothered doing anything too heavy, been a long day (a stupidly long English task, lunch out and then 3 hours of Piano followed by a performance at the Chinese Embassy – great stuff).

For some reason this line keeps coming into my head, I believe it’s from “The Lessons of History” by Will and Ariel Durant (this was probably the first book I ever read since my informal education began.

It went something like this “Peace will only be had when equally powerful groups must join together in order to face a bigger, more dangerous enemy.”

It went on to explain how the basic family units, who warred against each other, joined together in order to defend against warring tribes. Warring tribes banded together to fight other such conglomerates, forming villages. Villages banded together in towns in the face of greater threats and so on. For example, England was split into separate kingdoms which banded together in order to face the threat of another country invading. Countries then joined. In the World War 2 it was the Allies and the Nazis. And now the separation seems to be the global superpowers, banding together, The Western Countries, Russia, China and other players such as the middle East.

Now these learned teachers hypothesised that the only way for the world to truly unite in peace, is for us to face a interplanetary threat. Faced with all our own mutual mortality, everyone would learn to work together and bear arms against a stronger adversary. Now I’m not sure if any of this would actually work, but its a fun idea.

Signing out

Kevin x x x x x

(might write about why I have a crippling anxiety about performing the Piano tomorrow, should be fun (and harrowing))


One thought on “How to Achieve World Peace.

  1. That’s actually a reasonable idea. If humanity were threatened as a whole, then humans would have to do exactly that; become a whole in order to fight off the enemies. Although the prevalent ‘every man for himself’ ideology may override most of us if such a time were to come, but it’s a nice idea nonetheless.

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