50 Days Later


So cursory glance of my blog page thing. And if my calculations are correct I’ve had this thing for a month and like 15 days. Now I know that doesn’t make 50 days but I really couldn’t be bothered saying 45 days – less of a good thing to it.

That means I’ve made 45 posts, if that’s about 300 words each that’s 13500 words (I think). I think I write pretty quickly now.

I have an English essay in class tomorrow, not sure if it’s marked or not, hopefully this experience of writing random crap on a topic in 20 minutes will help me- or ill start writing random crap about politics when I’m meant to be writing a morose teachers address to his unloving, unfeeling pupils.

Not sure how much longer in going to keep this up, may try another few months, a year? (though the blog name may have to change for that).

Certainly I feel like it’s been good, the pressures fun, finding a few minutes in the day to just sit down, compose my thoughts and write for a while.

Anyway need to learn a bit of Mandarin for tomorrow (curse my teacher) and apparently my friend is coming to Starbucks later, just before circuits.. And I’m kinda stuck in this limbo between groups of friends, so I’m sitting in Starbucks in a 6 seater looking pretty awkward.


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