M is for Music


So today’s blog post was meant to be about some idea I saw in a video, I’ve forgotten it now, oh wait, suddenly remembered it (note to self watch Peter Sage video).

Anyway thought it’d be fun to talk about music. More specifically music that I listen to. I don’t listen to music that often, usually if I have headphones in its for either YouTube or some form of podcast. Sure people do think it’s weird that I listen to someone talk to me while I’m sitting in the bus or walking around, but is it seriously weirder than someone chanting lines in 3 minute vignettes that randomly cycle themselves.

Of course not to put a downer on music, it’s great. The only times I really listen to it is when I’m working, revising or exercising ( only occasionally). The thing with music, like all art forms, is that it ellicits an emotion in the beholder. I realized this last week, when I walked back into school from lunch with a friend, who lent me her earphones, she was playing some weird electrical melodic dubstep thing but it changed my perception of the world for just a few seconds, before the harrowing jaws of school once again clamped around me. (either the music was really good or my body is really good at the placebo effect).

Another thing I tried listening to was Binaural Beats, the idea of these is that different emotions/states of mind have different frequencies in the brain and if these are played, it can trigger a response in your brain, emulating the feeling. I tried this for a while, it works pretty well I think, usually I would just overlay it with music whenever I studied.


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