Using Intent

So I’ve already written a blog post today, but it was boring and I got a better idea on the bus home (it’s been saved to the ‘use as a filler post’ folder)

Today’s funny thing will be using intent, or more accurately actually having intent. First what is intent, to me, its basically stating what you want and being congruent enough to go after it. Too often people are wishy washy about what they want, its boring. It probably has some roots in trying to save face, or disguising your true intentions from your tribemates but its not really something that matters these days.

Doing something without intent is pointless and meandering. The end destination and goal constantly moves, you’ll end up making compromises, settling for less.

So in the start if you want something, a job, a goal, a partner, be clear about your intent. If you put it out there it’s more likely to happen. Your brain will transmute the image in your mind into reality (wishy washy hippie rubbish but its the premise of ‘Think and Grow Rich’)

Imagine if a car salesman acted without intent. His goal is obviously to sell you a car, imagine if he never broached this at the start. You’d wonder when the strange man, sharply dressed in a car lot would never bring it up. The same thing could be said for anything else. Doing the things that will get you what you desire, but not expressing what you actually want is far stranger than just explicitly stating your end goals, how strange would you find it if someone just started helping you everyday, or talking to you all the time – without expressing their intentions for this.

So takeaway, be clear in your intent, it’ll make whatever you want happen faster and you’ll seem less like a meandering salesman.

In a world of sheep, be the wolf and escape fear (Wooooo!)


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