Last night I woke up, covered in water, sweating and freezing.
My bottle which I had foolishly left on my bed during the night had decided to unleash itself all over my linen, the mattress was sopping-water had been sitting on it for about an hour. 3:30 I got up, grabbed a little towel and stuck in between my bed cover and mattress, praying to God that I wouldn’t end up with a mouldy mattress (as mould is bad and mattress is good, very good).

I fall asleep for a little while longer. 4:30 I wake up, grab my phone and start browsing – now that probably wasn’t the best idea. My melatonin is now fucked and I probably won’t be able to fall asleep for a while, oh well. I watch a video on the new nexus devices (ps hella sexy).

The gentle embrace of sleep once again envelops me. I then proceed to have one of the worst dreams of my life. In hindsight probably wasn’t that bad in the grand scheme of bad dreams but it was pretty terrifying.

I stand over a sink, I spit something out, gritty and sandy. It’s white and enameled. It’s a piece of my tooth. My tongue profs around, finding a hole in my left upper side. I continue to spit. More tooth breaks off, little shards fall into the sink, I feel large, significant gaps within my teeth. I’ve lost a whole tooth now. It continues for a few minutes, it never seems to end. They keep breaking off. I try and hold them in somehow but it only seems to make it worse.

I wake up. 5:30 – the mattress is sufficiently dry and the feeling of a textured towel under my body is surprisingly nice. I drink water, it tasted like milk from an angel’s teat. I check my teeth and fall asleep for another hour until I’m rudely awaked by and alarm, telling me to go to rowing.


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