Being DIY-sexual

Growing up I never really considered my sexuality, being asian and all that. I’m pretty sure I was straight, sure I’ve had gay thoughts, everyone has (if people say they haven’t they’re closet gays).

But today I realised what really drove me, fired up my gears, inspired me to work and improve myself. Handicraft. Before writing this I watched a 30 minute video of 2 Norwegian men making a a chair out of a tree. Nothing else. No dialogue, no character development. I gasped, I shuddered, I moaned a little as they created the base of the seat. I pretty sure I wet myself a little when they made a fire.

Never have I watched a video so intently. My eyes transfixed on the naked medium, so lovingly handled and caressed (mmh little too smutty).

I’ve always like watching people make things. I spent ages last week watching Anthony Bourdain watch a man who made handcrafted knives. Those things are beautiful. I almost cried last year when I lost my Zippo. I squealed when my dad gifted me a leather wallet. EDC was an obsession of mine for a few weeks last year.

Point is I love handcrafted products, the story, the provenance and the little whorls that show you it’s not been made by some kid in a sweat shop in Vietnam. And at risk of sounding like a fuzzy bearded, breaches wearing hipster – I’m willing to spend half my life lusting after these products (seriously though those Kramer knives cost a few thousand each!)


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