Why Peacocks Have Plumes

Peacocks have plumes for the same I reason I write this blog every day.

It reflects an abundance. A peacock has plumes to show that it has an abundance of minerals and nutrients required to produce the vivid colours in its plume. A plume confers no evolutionary advantage, rather it results in a disadvantage. It can be seen by predators for miles away.

So why do I write this blog every day, I ask myself, other ask as why. I suppose I’ve rationalized and managed to convince myself that I do it out of an abundance of… Time? Maybe not time, I don’t have that much spare time and I’m not sure why I would want to say that I have too much spare time. I’m not sure what it reflects an abundance of, or maybe it shows that I’m a sad little boy who writes a blog everyday to gain the recognition from his mother that she never gave him as a child (wow, little too deep and personal there).

Any I quite like doing this, it’s fun and as my friend just said “I didn’t you would last that long, I admire that and I love you very much and would love if you considered me a possible suitor”.

Btw follow @benmmillar on Instagram he is a great guy. (but isn’t the one that wishes to wine and dine me)

Few hours later (didn’t post it earlier because my phone is being a twat) I’ve realised that it’s probably a sign of how much stress i can cope with, or I think I can cope with. Someday soon there’ll probably be a straw that breaks my back, but until then it’s all fun and games.


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