Just Start

Today’s lesson that Kevin learnt from misogynistic, strange basement-dwelling cult with oddly good YouTube videos (4k ftw). Was that procrastination is boring and you should start whatever you want right now, or as soon as you have the cool idea.

It not now, when? I’m pretty is sure is some Christian saying but it pretty much encapsulates it. There’s never a good time to begin something, there’ll always be other things to do and niggling things that seem to never go away. The solution? Just start now. That book you need to start reading. Your desk needs sorting out? Just do it. You’re tempted to start writing a blog? May as well just start now.

I’ve started trying to do this a lot more. (even before the evil death cult so succinctly put it into glorious HD quality) its been echoed by a few people that I admire and anything that gets repeated by so many nebulous and respected organisations deserves at least some attention (apart from the 30 day no pump challenge, that’s just boring).

It’s funner to just get stuck into things that you think of. One day I was walking past the woods, found a funny looking clearing, thought to myself “ooh I should clear this out one day.” Said “screw it” and made something really cool. I started this blog because one day I thought it would be fun to do one but I couldn’t really be bothered starting one year “don’t be a twat, start it now” and boom here it is, a blog.


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