Thoughts For The Day

So I got my phone taken off me about an hour ago and guess who wrote today’s entire blog post on their phone and then couldn’t be bothered posting it? Me.

It was gonna be about…about… I honestly can’t for the life of me remember- oh no it was on comparing yourself to others (and it was a lot less worse than it sounds).

Anyway I thought I’d write down a few thoughts as they come through my head, a stream of conciousness. Yet another surprisingly good lesson learnt from rape cult.

Maybe this entire stream of consciousness thing won’t work, there are some parts of my personality that don’t really need opening to the light. I don’t exactly want to bare my soul out into a diary. Tom Riddle did that and it never did him any good.

I’m writing this whilst eating red grapefruit. It’s stupidly sour and only a little sweet. I wonder why this is the chosen fruit of people trying to eat nothing for breakfast? Maybe because they feel like hurting themselves a little with the acidic tang? Or maybe there is some health thing to do with it (I do remember reading somewhere about grapefruit seed extract being healthy but who ever eats the seed of the fruit)

Well I say that but I had this ginger german friend back in primary school who would eat pears whole, stalk and seeds. We would be terrified of this brutish Germanic lad. I never did talk to him much after I left for my present school but I’m pretty sure we walked past each other once and had a sordid moment of recollection and then proceeded on with our lives. The strangest thing about that boy was that he never deigned to wear socks indoors, I used to think him strange for it but now I’ve realised that socks are just another of societies inventions designed to keep the populous subjugated under the will of our evil overlords.

This Brain Dump thing is rather fun but I’m a little tired (and unmotivated) right now so I’m just gonna end here and then get back to reading The Snowball (a 800ish page tome on the life of Warren Buffet).


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