Social Rejection

Today’s fun lesson that Kevin decided to learn from an evil cult is that social rejection is bad.

Couldn’t really be bothered posting today, was gonna just post yesterday’s (and I’m still a little tempted to do that) but I thought this would be fun to write and take my mind if my bulging thing that contains urine, my bladder. (it’s annoying how many times a day I need to pee).

The principle of pickup, what evil death cult specializes in, is the idea of approaching women that you don’t know and seducing them (surprisingly it’s seems to be less sleazy and awkward than it sounds). Anyway I digress. They talk a lot about “Approach Anxiety” something newbies to the game experience. It’s basically how new people are scared to approach and open women for fear of social rejection.

Why is this such a problem? Why do people fear social rejection so much that they need to purchase $2000 boot camps in order to rid themselves of this? Turns out the controllers of this organization actually do a fair amount of research.

The idea is that humans originally came from tribes of around 20 to 30, we evolved from this. In this group we had to stick together or face certain death. Now a fear of social rejection was good here. It ensured no one stepped out of line and was then ostracised by their clan. That’s why our brain processes social rejection the same way as real pain. Because back in the day it would result in death. The fear of talking to new people ensured that our ancestors wouldn’t accidentally flirt with some cave hoe who would turn out to be in the chiefs harem (for polygamy is how we evolved) and then have his head crushed in by a large angry man.

Anyway but of a fun post today. If you want to check out surprisingly sound thought seduction company search “rsd” on youtube.


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