Letting Others Succeed


Another fun violin blog post. Today I wanted to talk about watching and hoping for other people’s success. (on the subject of my own success my English teacher liked my new draft and I’m no longer failing in all my classes, except computing still makes my mind hurt). Something I learnt a few months ago was that another person’s success shouldn’t make you feel bad, there’s too many rewards in the world to worry about it.

I used to get jealous or annoyed if a friend did better than me in an exam. But I realized that it just meant that I had done badly. I should’ve been happy that my friend could do better than me in a test, they were succeeding for themselves. Being annoyed at them was just an excuse for my mediocrity (because if I had gotten full marks no one could do better than me haha (!) – gosh I sound arrogant today).

On Tuesday at rowing we were having the usual Boathouse Banter about some guy never coming to weights sessions. The next morning he turns up. I was delighted, a little too happy if I’m honest. I was happy that he had decided to start coming. Sadly though he didn’t come this morning, ah how inspiration is fleeting.

In economics when we got our tests back one my friends exclaimed “oh Kevin watch out I’m coming for your prize” (he had gotten full marks and I had won the prize for the best student the year before – I should add that I also got full marks). Old me would’ve probably been angry or made some arrogant reply about that not being a possibility but I said something like “well it’d be wonderful if you did” and I meant it honestly, if he could be bothered to revise more and get better scores than I would be happy for him, even if it meant me losing my prize (something I don’t intend on doing).


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