Being Lazy

Today hasn’t been the best day ever for productivity. I woke up this morning around 8, wandered around in a confused daze for a while then made a smoothie. Decided to put in a tiny little clove of garlic (learned that from Joe Rogan) funnily enough it doesn’t taste very good when you put it in a mainly fruit smoothie. I read a fair bit more of The Snowball and did my online learning battery for the day(just some brain training and French). Then 10 I head off to rowing. Get home around 1pm because our coach went mental and made us do an extra half hour. From there the rest of the day went pretty downhill. I spent about an hour editing my English essay which is just about finished. Then another hour or two on a simple bit of physics revision (I found a homework/revision booklet resource which is really good) and I still haven’t finished it.

I spent a fair bit of the day wondering and thinking about what was happening tonight, there were plans to go for a meal with a few friends but it just kept changing and moulding and by the end it just got boring.

Anyway I’ve been getting distracted really easily, a lot. I stopped writing this post halfway through in order to check my phone. I’ve spent 10 minutes watching gameplay of a game I have no intention of getting. I’m not sure if I’ve always been like this and I’ve only just started noticing it or that this is a new development. It’s certainly frustrating seeing the hours pass by with nothing to show for.

Of course part of the reason for all this is that revision hardly gives you instantaneous results to bask in and most of my homework was done during the week. Suppose I should just keep going with the process and reap my rewards later. Work for the promise of future rewards…hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Being Lazy

  1. Honestly I am the same way haha. As i get more and more work the lazier i get. High school classes and SATS have me drowning in a sea of work, yet I can never get myself to do it until the last minute, glad im not the only one haha

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