Almost forgot what I was going to write about today (having a bad memory is awful and I’ll start trying to fix it very soon, i.e. probably from tomorrow).

And I was ready to write it but decided to have dinner first. Bad idea, totally forgotten what I was going to write about so now I’ve come up with a new idea.

Today’s fun idea is that how we perceive others describes how we see ourselves.

One of the key ideas of RSD is that of the reticular activation system, our RAS. This is basically a filter, it adapts our perceptions of the world based on our views and beliefs and even our memories. Whilst this explanation is a little plain it will serve (if you want more information just search up RAS on google and you’ll find a trove of information). So say if you believe that all women are evil. Your RAS will filter out all instances of women being lovely, that is these memories will be less memorable and seem to happen less often, And it will stress instances where women are seen to be doing ‘bad’ things.

For me recently an example of this selective focus is when I got a text from someone I haven’t spoken to in a while, whilst I was getting into the shower. This happened again a few days later, and once again the next week. I remarked that “Oh, every time I get into the shower I get texted by someone” But this statement wasn’t true, rather my RAS had only picked up instances where both circumstances happened and just ignored every other time I had hopped into the shower without my phone going off.

If you’re angry at someone chances are that your RAS will pick up every bad thing they do and never remark on the good things. Whilst dregging through memories only instances where they conformed to your expected patterns of them will be remembered.

This concept is used by a lot of self-help gurus such as Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill, if you believe something so much that everything you see, your perceptions will be aligned in such a way that it will happen.

It’s also something that can make you happier – I think. Maybe if you believe the world is a good place, you’ll see more good things happen. And if you believe that the world is a horrible place then that is what you will see happen. Leading to endless spirals of success or failure (which may have to be tomorrow’s blog post, success and failure spirals)


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