The Story of The Jewish American Princess

The name in the title, the titular idea of a JAP or Jewish American Princess is something I came across whilst reading one of Tucker Max’s books (incredibly funny stories, horrific dating advice).

On the much famed website that is “Stereotypes of Jews” on Wikipedia it defines a JAP as:

The stereotype of the JewishAmerican Princess is a pejorative stereotype of a subtype of JewishAmerican female. The term implies materialism and selfishness, attributed to a pampered or wealthy background.

Another way of thinking of a JAP is an entitled brat, brought up on a silver spoon and hand fed by butlers all their lives. It’s like the mum with Justin Bieber’s hair demanding to see the manager because she feels she has been wronged.

Among the spectrum of human beings those with stupid amounts of undeserved entitlement rank among my most loathed, after incredibly unmotivated people and those who still believe that Fox News (and most other popular news channels) actually proclaims real news.

One memory I actually remember from around a year ago, I have quite possibly the worst memory for experiences imaginable, I was in a game store looking to buy something (I can’t quite remember what, perhaps an Xbox Live membership)in front of me stood this massive woman, someone who seemed to have forgotten that liquids don’t have to come in cans and that the stove should be used for anything other than as a place to put a cooling deep-loaded mega-diabetes pizza. She was scant over 30 with a child in a ostentatious buggy and one child about 5 years old beside her. She then embarked on a 30 minute tirade about not being able to return a Playstation that she had bought 6 months ago and forgotten to return. Inside I was fuming, how dare this ogre take so much time, she obviously wasn’t rich (the clothes, attitude and general aura radiated this fact) so why was she just sitting on a few hundred pounds worth of gear. Anyway she later got kicked out for being annoying, carrying a Skylanders box and remarking that she had “rights”.

This memory has haunted me for a while. The sight of this woman who believed that she deserved to be catered for, treated like a special little snowflake because she believed it. There’s something about people that believe they deserve things for just existing.

Rant over, now to start doing my homework 😦


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