Talking to Yourself


Today’s post comes from some idea from Philip Mckernan, apparently he’s some famous motivational coach who coached the Canadian national rowing team but whatever he was on London Real so that’s enough for me.

He started talking about how some people don’t take time to talk to themselves, to really sit alone, get present and go over their lives. This is something I really identified with (wow how emotional right) he mentions how people can’t bear to be in the car without the radio on, or do homework without listening to music, afraid to be with themselves.

I suppose this is something I’ve been doing recently (well for about a year now) plugging in and listening to things whenever I have a chance and not really taking time to gather my thoughts. I think it’s possibly a reason for my rubbish memory and some other habits that aren’t the best. I reckon for the next few days I’m gonna start trying to spend more time with just myself, without the podcasts and videos in the background and get to discover myself again and face those deeply ingrained fears that reside inside my brain.

I’ve been tricking myself lately, using being busy as an excuse for not
taking time off to myself. I’ve become more sluggish and slow in classes, more arrogant and afraid of failure. And I reckon that taking more and better breaks will improve my revision and other things rather than act as obstacles as my primal mind attempts to convince me.


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