Exercise For Nerds

Writing this whilst watching Vikings because vikings is a cool show and is like Game of Thrones just with 3 seasons that I haven’t watched yet (I’m halfway through season 3 now, next binge watch will probably be Narcos)

Anyway thought I would talk about fitness and strength today, (sounds well Football jock I know). Listening to London Real today and there’s some nomad guy who talks about strength and fitness so I thought it’d be fun to write about. (sudden quality drop because wet ‘n wild scene on TV).

To me my ideal level of fitness would be being able to run a few K easily, frankly I have no idea how many K because I’ve never really run that far in one go (wow that sounds awful) and probably being able do my 30 minute erg with a split of under 2:10 (to non rowers that’s on a rowing machine for 30 minutes, rowing 500 metres every 2:10 minutes or less).

Also another goal is probably being able to do most sports with a decent amount of competence. So that’s basically just having decent agility, hand-eye coordination and other things like that. I’ve finally accepted that I’ll never be good at football, I’m Chinese, I’ll live with it; and I’ll also take the plus points in Badminton, Ping Pong and apparently diving if I ever decide to take that one up.

And of course like all teenage boys a six pack would be lovely, but to be honest getting one of those is just a matter of lowering your body fat, something I’m not really willing to do because food is life and not eating is boring (plus the chippy near my school is far too good). Perhaps I’ll try to start eating better, paleo etc, but breakfast smoothies are lovely and putting more veg in them is boring (frozen kale doesn’t taste that bad, may start adding in some spinach) and maybe a bit more exercise (I used to go for a walk every morning at 6:30 but lately I’ve just been spending that time reading, oh well.

Anyway fun post on fitness and stuff, signing out now kids. x x


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