Sleep and Chill

Got in a little argument with my mum this morning because she was angry that I wasn’t sleeping enough. For a bit of context I went to bed at around 10pm last night and woke up at 6am. That’s 8 hours of sleep. The recommended figure is about 9 hours which is get most nights but I have to wake up early for rowing in the morning on Fridays and Wednesdays. I was a little annoyed to be honest, most of my friends sleep about 7-8 a night, some around 6. I was doing basically the average – plus I was a little annoyed that she dare suggest I miss a session.

Anyway thought I’d write some stuff about sleep (plus Tim Ferriss just did a podcast on it so it’s fun and fresh).

I used to sleep with a face mask on, I’m not sure why but I found one in the house one day and decided to wear it, bad idea. The elastic bands that go over your ear mess up your earlobes, wreaking them for the next day, plus it left these awful channels of depressed hair around my head. I stopped this after I realized I had blackout blinds and there was no point in wearing this mask.

I started wearing ear plugs for a while, this was more useful because I’m an unbearably bad sleeper and could probably wake up at the tiniest sound, so I sleep a lot better with those.

When I was still obsessed with Bulletproof executive I wanted a sleep mat, basically it was some sort of mat with lots of pins in it, like the things Indian fakirs lie on. The idea was that if you lie on it your body will experience stress, but if you continue to lie on it, the hormones flush out resulting in a very relaxed state that lets you sleep better.

I used to listen to the radio every night until about 11:00, this would inform me about the world outside, then I realized that I didn’t really care much for world news and I had also lost my iPod so that ended a few months ago.


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