Scribblings by Kevin

Today’s diary entry (still trying to look for better ways to start these things off) is a bit off a lackluster one, I think. I couldn’t really be bothered writing this one during the day. Pomodoros and revision took over. Right now I’m on my half term. Apparently these are meant to be for revising for our preliminary exams which prepare us for our National 5s which are basically a warm up for our really big tests next year, oh well. I managed to miss about every single morning meeting where teachers shouted to us about the imperative of revising for these, through a combination of early morning mandarin and rowing. I doubt I need much egging on but would’ve been nice to hear these miserably failing attempts at rousing speeches.

On the subject of effort, apparently my Biology teacher has taken a bit of a disliking to me, she also takes registration for me. Most classes are punctuated by her shrill cries for me to shut up and learn. Maybe she hopes that if I actually shut up I’ll learn a minute bit more information than the paltry amount she deigns to teach us (seriously our class is about two lessons behind every term because she decided we need to spend about 2 weeks every now and then looking up drivel on the internet) She claims she likes people to have initiative, then praises someone for copying their homework answers out of the book.

A good student to her is someone who doesn’t understand much and asks 50129 questions a day, ranging from “so do all animals have cells” and asking what would happen if humans didn’t have a heart. But if you dare understand all the course and try and help your friends in class you become an upstart and rebellious. One morning she decided to take me aside and instruct me on how I’m becoming an arrogant twat and how this needs to change or else I shall fail all my exams (whilst the arrogant twat part may be true, I don’t really need one of my teachers to tell me that)

At some recent parent’s evening she decides to tell my classmate’s parents that I’m holding their children back from stardom in the field of Biology, that as a one man band I’ve managed to impede every single one of their beautiful little cherubs hope and dreams. I doubt that something teachers should do. If I actually knew something about law I would call it defamation  (I do believe that’s what defamation means but I’m too lazy to check).

Anyway this post managed to descend into anarchy pretty quickly. Oh well, night kids.


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