Giving Up

I used to think the worst feeling in the world was doing strenuous exercise, apparently I was wrong, the worst feeling in the world is getting ready to turn off your computer after a few hours of revision (I totally did nothing in the way of revision this morning) with your retina about to detach themselves from the back of your eyeballs (at least I think that’s how eyes work) to realise that you made a sacred pact a few months ago that you would write a blog post every day for the forseeable future.

I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time, well I do know. And I’m pretty glad I decided to do it. It was boring being a little kid, stopping whenever I wanted to stop something hard. I suppose this thing is about having no excuses. It reflects in other areas. I finished in the gym this morning even though I felt like my arms were going to burst (I’m going to regret that one tomorrow) well I only did like a 4 minute swim but that’s because my fatal foot cramps returned – of course I could be less of a sissy but they hurt a lot (tip: eat more bananas)

I had some interview today for some volunteering placement I’ll be doing this year. Much to the disappointment of my parents I didn’t bother preparing (why would you want to be selected for not being true to yourself) and it went surprisingly well. I totally aced a part of it, which I won’t repeat as it’l probably bore everyone including me (old me would’ve done that, go improvements in social intelligence).

Bit of a shorter one today but I’m knackered.

Smell ya later kiddos x x 0


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