Social Suicide

I finally did it today, I made the plunge. I deleted all social media off my phone (with the exception of 9gag because neingag). This is something I’ve been planning on doing for a while I just managed to do it today.

I’m not sure how I mustered up the strength to do it (odd one doesn’t associate strength with touching a capacitive screen) I suppose I would say it needed strength, why else would I have not done it before. I’m not even sure if it was a big event. It’s magnitude will probably be larger than the actual event. All I remember is just uninstalling facebook messenger, this might’ve been due to my friend mentioning it the day before because his was crapping out. Instagram followed suite. Then Snapchat, this one was the hardest to delete. Unlike messenger there weren’t group chats that were pissing me off, and unlike Instagram I couldn’t spend time mindlessly scrolling through messaging icons. Anyway it got deleted because I decided I may as well go cold turkey and also just to remind my petty little brain that it should stop acting like a bubbling child.

I forgot about deleting the main facebook app, partly because notifications are off for it and I never check it anymore. During a moment of weakness today I tried opening a message on it. Not sure if I should thank or scold Facebook for forcing you to set up the Messenger app in order for you to read and send messages. Anyway that got deleted shortly afterwards.

So how’s it been. Surprisingly good. I haven’t had withdrawals yet, nothings collapsed, I think. I’m in the middle of the holidays so there’s still a few days before I can tell people about this. I’m kinda relying on the people I’ve been texting to spread the message. I no longer open my phone every free second, in fact I barely use it anymore. Just for YouTube and podcasts. I’ve been productive, gotten more work done (I’ve managed to write this post all in one go so far) and rekindled my passion for reading (I think, or the book I’m reading is just really good – Its by Graham Hancock who I heard once on JRE)

I’m not sure how long I’m going to abstain from social networks, maybe it’ll be like blogging and I’ll do it for far longer than I ever expected in the first place. I like what it’s done to me so far. Who knows maybe like a crack addict I’ll hit withdrawals within the week but oh well, that would just show how addictive these things are.

I reckon I’ll still check it on the computer sometimes, or maybe not. Frankly I doubt I’ll miss much stuff, things I need to hear about will come to me anyway and now I can concentrate on talking to people I actually want to talk to instead of pandering to the gods of instant messaging.

So here’s me signing off from my first day of digital abstinence.


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