Slow Cooking Madness

Day 2 of Internet abstinence. Day 61 of blogging (made that up but oh well). Day 1 of being the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

So we bought a slow cooker today. I’m not sure why I care so much about this new kitchen appliance, a smoothie maker that I use just about daily only got a cursory once-over. But this new slow cooker has my undivided attention. I’m writing this post standing right next to it, watching is slowly (very slowly) boil up some pumpkin and vegetables for soup tomorrow. I’m not sure why this thing makes me so happy. Maybe it’s because since I quite social media I’ve been looking for anything to distract me. Maybe it’s because I need something to calm my souls down after watching the finale of Mr Robot (it made me confused, angry and a little turned on). Or maybe because I’ve always had some fascination with strange cooking appliances.

I remember as a child glancing longingly at argos catalogues (i had a very strange childhood). There was always this one product I wanted over everything else. This beautiful jumbotron machine that made breakfast. It was a toaster, with a little thing on the side for frying an egg and bacon. I’m not sure why I loved this thing so much. I swear I had a photo of it pinned up on my wall for a period. There was something about this device, maybe it spelt independence, 8year old me no longer wished for the tyranny of waiting for my mum to boil me an egg. Maybe I wanted the feel of creating my own breakfast. Maybe I was just excited about this machine that could do so many things.

Whatever the case I grew out of it eventually, learned of the wonders of yoghurt and granola and never turned my back on it. Until I found omelettes. And then smoothies.

Either way this slow cooker thing has me far too excited. Quick n easy meals that won’t lead to obesity in the long term. After this I’m thinking of making butter chicken or some kind of curry in this bad boy.


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