Poppin’ Pills

Writing this page, hoping to God that I used to colon correctly in the title. Thought I’d fill you in on my current writing predicament. Some strange German pen that writes remarkably well, its blue and triangular shaped like one of those pencils they give to inebriated  5 year olds as they learn to write, whatever it’s German engineering for your revision. I’m listening to Eminem and some binaural beat thing, the Eminem thing is new, usually I don’t bother straying too far from Top 40 because it’s easy and not terrible to listen to, until you spend a few hours a day having it in the background, then it just sounds like over-repeating drivel. So I’ve been checking out different things. I looked at what I suppose is alternative pop? Anyway started off with a band called Amber Run, and youtube suggestions ran it from there. Then dubstep followed, Lindsey Stirling turned out to be incredible. House music appeared next and it’s strangely good, if not a little to fast paced for my writing speed. And if anyone’s wondering binaural beats are just these background sounds that are supposed to help you remember more, how hokey cokey but may as well use them.

I type this one handed, because I’ve got a vitamin C capsule in my left, keeping it in contact with this annoying little ulcer I got from my denture things (I have no idea what they’re called.. maybe a retainer). It’s a tip my mum gave me a few years ago, just stick some vit C on a ulcer for a while, wait till it starts bleeding/ stops hurting (whichever you feel like going up to) and hey presto you’ll be fixed in a few days.

Wasn’t really sure what I was going to write about today, my two new habits (no social networks and 200 pushups a day) are going well, swimmingly even, but I may put up the minimum push ups to 250 because why not and because it’s far too easy right now. I have been tempted to reinstall social media, fearful of missing social events, but screw it, I don’t mind missing a few things, I doubt I’ll die. FOMO will be vanquished (I hope). Though on that topic, text messages, which are now my sole means of communication with the outside world, are being absolute twits. For some reason all my messages are being sent out, I take calls just fine. But for a period of a few hours every now and then my network deigns not to send me any of my incoming text messages. Preferring to dump them all on me, a matter of hours later, it’s frustrating, and probably a good excuse to download messenger again. But it’s not life-threatening and excuses are boring and predictable. (though on that note I’ve realised I may have to download Instagram soon-ish, my cohorts of loyal followers must be begging for a beautiful photo of my food with a fun, yet cultured comment that inspires thought, laughter and merriment)


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