Sunshine Bloggers Award

Rolling up to wordpress today, I realised I didn’t have much to write about today. I was tempted to write about my experience as one one of the best chess players in Scotland (I was 8 at the time) or some startling revelation my mother told me today (not telling yet because I’ll probably write about it some other day) or maybe even what I’d choose to study in the future (still no idea). Most of those ideas were pretty good but today didn’t feel like a write-a-lot day.

I fire up the bellows of my wordpress account and get some notification that I’ve been tagged in a post, a little strange I don’t remember writing anything to inflammatory recently, oh well.

Anyway Mikiren decided to tag me into her sunshine bloggers award (thanks for that by the way) and I’m gonna do it now. Bare my soul to the internet (what mother always told me not to do).

if you had to pick a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?

Soon as I read the question one song appeared in my head: War Pigs by Black Sabbath. I’m not sure why, I don’t really listen to heavy metal – well I just don’t. But I’ve always liked the song and apparently my unconcious self believes that it suits my life (a little worrying to be honest.

what’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Best ice cream I’ve ever had was in Venice, some little modern gelatition (totally the name for an ice cream place) I had pistachio and dark chocolate, probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Everytime I go somewhere that has it I’ll have it, usually its only the high end ish places that stock it and usually they’re incredible. Of course at home haagen daz does an incredible double chocolate I think, and Ben and Jerrys is always great.

which seven deadly sin do you most associate with?

Had to search up the 7 deadly sins (because I’m not a regular church goer- please lord do not strike me down for my erroneous sins) but I would probably say I identify most with pride. At least most recently in my life I have. I never used to be the most confident kid (being obsessed with chess probably never helped my self confidence) and in recent years whilst trying to repair that I fear that sometimes I’ve over-compensated, erring on the side of arrogance. Occasionally I catch myself trying to slip in a mention of my achievements, boasting out of context and other things like that.

how do you perceive love?

Being 15 I don’t have much bearing on this one, I believe in familial love and love in friendship. The problem with being a hormonal teenage kid rushing into the world, is that you have no context for what romantic love truly is, you’ll probably need to experience a few things, dalliances and broken hearts in order to discover a true love (if that even is a thing, society does make these things a little contrived). As the people in RSD often say to the new guys joining the game. Don’t fall in love with whoever shows you a hint of interest (because those with no options will fall for anything) but when you do choose to fall in love do so out of abundance and because it truly is the best option for you. Anyway there’s a condensed version of my take on that stuff.

are you a bookworm? what are you reading right now? (or what have you most recently read?)

I’m a bookworm. I’ll admit it. Currently I’m reading:

The Snowball – biography of Warren Buffet

War God – a fantasy- history novel by Graham Hancock

4 hour work week – Tim Ferriss

and I’ll be starting a Gandhi Biography as soon as I finish War God

would you rather be unable to go on the internet for the rest of your life or not be able to listen to any music for the rest of your life?

Sorry music, I’ll miss you for a few minutes until I plug in a podcast and enjoy the rest of my life.

what’s a random interesting fact about you?

I was a scottish chess champion at 8. Boring I’ve mentioned that already. Um well I held the world record for rowing on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games 2008 on the wii.

have you ever truly hated anyone (and who, if you’re okay with revealing that)?

I truly loathed my father when I was a child but that was because I was a little upstart who would push his buttons on purpose (and what large and red buttons he had) and he punished me suitably. I don’t hate him for that, I hate myself for putting myself and him through it.

it’s the zombie apocalypse! pick a (reasonable) weapon to defend yourself with.

A katana, just because it’s racially fitting and I wanna chop off heads, plus you wanna keep nimble and not get bogged down.

when was the last time you cried, and why?

I’m actually not too sure, I haven’t cried properly in a long time. Maybe I’m not expressing myself enough, perhaps I need a good sob. Or I’m just generally pretty happy. But last time I properly cried was about a year ago, maybe January -ish. Well… I’m kidding myself, it was on the 29th of December. The day I came back from China camp. I’m always pretty sad leaving these camp things, and I’d lost some incredible friends, I missed some girl I met (I know right those 14 year old feelings of love. I was sleep deprived and had managed to piss off most of the people who were on my team, causing them to rise up in a sort of coup on the last day. Social rejection is never that fun and when I got back home I pretty much just broke down.

what has blogging done for you?

Blogging has done a myriad things for me. One of the bigger things has been an accountability thing, just writing down goals on this has helped me fulfil them more often and more successfully. stuff like these daily posts, my new push ups thing and this quitting social media thing.

Anyway bit of a word dump but I’d like to nominate Kate for this thing next. I’m interested to see what she’ll write.

As for the questions just do the ones I did here, they’re pretty god and really made me open up a little (how great!) Looking forward to seeing this done.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine Bloggers Award

  1. Okay your answers where amazing and I should really listen to Black Sabbath because they have been appearing everywhere lately! I take that as a sign!

    Liked by 1 person

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