Purple Piano Palooza

My ancient and sagacious Piano teacher finally graced me with the knowledge of when my Grade 8 exam would be. Apparently she found out 2 weeks ago and only now, finally decided to grace me with this knowledge. It’s in two weeks. Well two weeks and two days to be exact. Now I was expecting this exam to be in about early December, it’s not. It’s about a month earlier than I wanted it to be. And I’m pretty scared.

So for ABRSM exams you’ve got your 4 sections: Pieces (x3), Scales, Sight Reading and aural. I’m okay for pieces, my waltz is fabby (but could do with more emotion), I have this really short, 4-page piece that’s blooming fanstastic excet I sometimes get this twitch in my left hand that messes it up, plus I’ve never got the overlapping to work that well. My last piece, is nothing short of majestic, I’m hardly worried about that one, just need to limber my fingers up a bit more before the exam (since when did piano become a sport?)

Scales I think I’m okay doing, practise and revision will help and it’s now just getting some evenness in them.

Sight-reading is a bit of a wild-card. I’m pretty hit or miss on those things. Usually it depends on what mood I’m in. I reckon if I play my pieces and scales well I’ll ace sight-reading. Plus I’m going to start helping my brain a little more. Upping the supplements (My vits C D A and omega 3) cutting out the junk and probably doing some more exercise.

Aural is where the plan falls down, I think. So I’ve enlisted the help of my violin teacher, partly because on my last grade my piano teacher decided to only start working on it two weeks before my exam. I failed, though not too miserably. My violin teacher is a better aural teacher, but the problem is he doesn’t seem to like teaching it very much, preferring to focus on my violin, plus he asks me if I want to do aural practise every lesson. Since violin is on a Friday my willpowers already pretty depleted so I sometimes say no. But no more, for the next two weeks I’m not going to bother bringing my violin forcing me to practise aural for the entire lesson. A big component of the aural part is singing. I’ve gotten better. I used to be awful, barely sounding out notes, but for some reason the summer camp I went to massively improved my singing skills (it wasn’t even a music camp) and as my confidence improves so does my vocal range (funny how that works) there’s a few other parts but I’m not as bad at, it’s just describing music. And with my gargantuan vernacular I should have no problem with that.

This exam seems in reach, I just have to go at it, practising religiously and I reckon I’ve got it in the bag. I’m not going to score amazingly well (I should probably be saying that I’ll do amazing) but I reckon I’ve got what it takes (how corny..)

I was going to write about my scarring experience that totally crippled my confidence when it came to Piano but I’ve got school tomorrow so I’m going to bed early (how manly of me(!)) Plus I’m a cop out and don’t really feel like going into right now.


4 thoughts on “Purple Piano Palooza

  1. Are you being sarcastic about the really short 4-page piece? Or are the rest of your pieces all 8 pages long?
    And is your waltz Chopin’s Waltz in B minor? If so, we are one. (Aren’t you glad?)
    I’m sorry for invading your blog again. It’s rather amusing.

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