English Epitaphs

On a roll with these alliterative headings, it’s a little amusing writing them, plus if National 5 English is to be believed then it should also bring in more eyeballs.

So today we had critical essay (I do believe it’s called a critical essay, I can’t quite remember). This was meant to be some mock essay,  for our mock exams, for National 5, which is just basically a preparation for our highers.

When I wrote ‘epitaph’ I wasn’t really sure what it meant, it just seemed to spring out of my mind. Strange how memory works, I have perhaps the poorest working memory known to man (today in class we did some memorisation task. I got 2 , the class average being 6). I’m finding I use extremely strange words all the time. Archaic and ghastly words, unused by half the English speaking population. Last week I had a meeting with an English tutor, who remarked on this. Saying I used words that “a native speaker wouldn’t commonly use.” I was pretty annoyed by this remark frankly, I’ve been brought up here since the age of 6 months old, I knew pretty well the way the language worked and how it was to be implemented (and I also butchered the structure of that sentence but oh well).

Turns out, I didn’t.

Well I was raised in the UK from 6 months old, but the part about learning English from then was complete bollocks, as I would later find out. Turns out my own parents deigned (I’ve being using that word far too often) not to teach me English until I got sent to nursery. At the age of 4 I attended an English speaking nursery, knowing not a single word of English.

On that bombshell, I’ll be ending here. Tests tomorrow and some annoying computing question that doesn’t seem to want to be done. Plus an early start tomorrow.


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