Bowling vs Driving

The difference between bowling and driving is course correction. When you bowl you have to set a direction, determine your spin. Basically you plan out your course of action before you set off.

Driving a car on the other hand is a lot different. Sure you plan your destination. But the route, method and execution are all variable. They change in response to stimulus. You can course-correct and fix on the way there.

The point of this whole twisted and contrived example is to discuss how different people approach starting things (discussion with myself).

What most (is that a generalisation?) people will do is bowling. They’ll plan their course of action. Study meticulously and refuse to start with fear of being imperfect. I was stuck in constant research and reading for a period of my life. I didn’t want to start anything (I can’t remember what I was meant to start but I remember the feeling of wanting to start something) I was choked into inaction. Framing the research and learning as action instead of the mindless procrastination that it was.

What I should have done was drive. Start off from were I was, think of my destination and do whatever it took to get there. Instead of being frozen in a frame of waiting until I achieved perfection before I started (or trying to get the perfect shot in my bowling analogy) but rather I should have placed a shot, then corrected my direction and actions in order to get me to my destination.

A little shorter today, was going to write this one on the bus but some friend who hadn’t got on it in a while got on, and blogging whilst talking never really works.


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