Limitless Motivation


The title itself is oxymoronic (autocorrect says no but I say yes). Or at least I prefer it being an oxymoron. Motivation is fleeting. Appearing only as a response to stress, to a motivational figure (think Shia Lebouef) or in response to an action. Whatever the stimulus it is often short resulting in sporadic flourishes of activity.

I used to think the secret to success was endless motivation. It’s easy to see why. You aren’t doing well and you’re unmotivated – the answer?? Become more motivated. Watching videos on how to become more motivated, having a goal and learning to embrace things. Whilst none of that is bad it’s not exactly what is needed.

This morning’s fun video (well the first fun video I’ve watched in the morning) was by Big Brandon Carter (his name shortens to BBC and he is a giant black man). He talks about how what you really need is grit. Or determination? I think what he said was that what really helps is being able to do things on demand.

What that means is you shouldn’t just depend on motivation. Professionals do their craft on demand. A concert pianist doesn’t practise when they feel good about it. A bodybuilder doesn’t stop training because they don’t feel well.

Discipline is what creates success. It’s probably the reason I write this blog. To cultivate discipline. Discipline is doing what you are supposed to do, when you are meant to do it. Whether you want to or not. And while there’s some days I really can’t be bothered writing I still smash out a few words. The same goes for the other habits I’ve tried to cultivate. I’ll practise piano everyday no matter how shoddy it is. With this new push up habit, I’ll be doing that no matter how bad form and how much I’m hurting. What I’ve been trying to do is do things when I really don’t want to do them. This makes your mind under your control. This makes it more palpable doing other things you might not want to do.

I learnt this lesson today and I’ve realized the increasing importance of habits. And I finally found a almost legitimate reason for starting a blog.


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