I’ll begin this one with an anecdote (apparently it’s good according to my English teacher). Last Friday at badminton we were playing matches. I was sitting off at the top and watched some matches. One girl, decked out in badminton gear, a personal personalized racket and was Asian (no racism, that’s an advantage). The boy she played was younger, wearing sports gear but not like badminton specific but still athletic and fast. I was expecting a whitewash, he would destroy her. Whilst she looked more like a badminton player he had all the edge. As soon as he saw her, he visibly crumpled. He deflated and lost his swagger. He didn’t believe he could’ve won and lost pretty badly.

So why this unexpected loss? My opinion is because he didn’t believe he could’ve done it. Confounded by the veneer he was convinced he lost before he even began and proceeded to lose anyway.

Self belief dictates how far you can go- I think. No matter how skilled or good you are at something, unless you believe you can do it, it won’t happen.

Another story comes from a box jump a few weeks ago at circuits. There was some box – about waist height – that we were expected to jump onto. Just messing around I jumped onto and then off it. Then later when instructed to do it, a friend didn’t believe he could do it. He should’ve been able to, frankly he’s stronger than me and should’ve been able to clear it easy. He seemed a little apprehensive and when instructed to do it, smashed his shins off the side and fell over it. Again showing the effect of self belief in achievement.

So here it is. When you wanna achieve something, you have to be able to believe that you own it.

As Owen Cook says “You’ll never get a 10 until you become someone who deserves one”


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