Comics ‘n Coffee


Sitting in my piano teachers flat again. Well splayed out on her couch, cramping my neck. So my rowing coach finally cottoned on to the fact that I haven’t done my rowing machine time thing for a few weeks. So I’m having to start on Friday lunch, joy.

A few habit counters. I think I’m on week 3 of no social media, or week 2. Day 11 eleven of my press ups (or is it pushups) tracker and a week to go until my Piano exam.

Going a little of piste here. Anyway I thought today’s confession could be that I enjoy comics. I’m not sure why I consider this a confession. Maybe societies stigma against comic book nerds has got to me. The social pressure to act and be perceived as cool has caused me to feel unnecessary fear. I jest a little, but I suppose I’m not. There are pressure in society to be perfect (more so for women) but hey when was society to be followed?

Well that’s a little too deep for something that’s being written by a 15 year old boy reclining on an old couch eating salad.

Anyway on the topic of comics, I’ve always enjoyed them, they’re one of my guilty pleasures (can that be said) alongside the occasional Pokemon and gaming videos.

I don’t buy them, that would be way uncool. Well I just watch review videos online, or read the summaries online. Comics are extortionately expensive, like books but they have to be bought every week and looks less cool on a bookshelf.

Anyway that’s my harrowing confession of the day that turns out to be far less harrowing than I though (or who knows, I could turn up to school tomorrow to face a hate mob)


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