The Death of Social


My latest procrastination show was betas. It’s some Silicon Valley esque show that had way more episodes and a protagonist with social skills and was ridiculously good looking. (i swear I’m heterosexual).

Anyway his whole idea for an app was something that connected people with real interaction. He got pissed all the time because people were addicted to phones and didn’t spend enough time on face to face interaction. Like all the other Amazon shows most of their premises are pretty accurate to the real world (looking at you Mr Robot) and I believe its probably something real.

This whole giving up social media thing was probably to test that premise, to see if I could neuter myself of social media for a while, and if after getting it back I would be as addicted to it.

Well I redownloaded Snapchat today. And I could honestly say I’ve seen a marked difference in the way I use it. I check it a lot less, I mind a lot less if I don’t get replies or someone leaves. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it for now but I think I will, maybe. Then I’ll slowly wean myself onto the other social apps.


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