The Search for Validation

I’ll start this one off with an anecdote. I was texting a lady friend the other day (I tried and tried, there’s no better way of saying this) and frankly she was boring me, her patter’s about a weak 3 and I only talk to her to feel good about myself. I was just about ready to break off the conversation, but she does it first. Well more accurately, she goes off to do who knows what with her life (knowing her it’s a 7 hour Vampire Diaries marathon). I freak out. Well I don’t really freak out. I’m more annoyed. How dare she end this conversation? I still wanted to talk to her. Well I didn’t. But oh well, I wanted to have ended it on my own terms. My ego was hurt by being patched by someone. Even though the outcome came out the same way, I wasn’t happy about what had happened.

This one was particularly annoying. I’d been trying to cut of my needs for external validation and here I was, fawning after the little piece of my ego that I had lost by this upstart not replying. Of course like every hot-blooded teenage boy out there I proceeded to pick the worst option. The double text. The bane of every person’s life. The screaming indicator that you’re unfulfilled in life. The begging pleas for ego validation and spiritual coitus.


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