Fleeting Inspiration

Half-way through doing some Biology work today, lightning strikes (I would love to say literally and figuratively but Scotland’s weather isn’t that abysmal). I come with some amazing idea, I can’t remember what, it was some crossing of circumstances. ET, some weird-ass chillstep music and binaural beats. Frankly it seemed incredible, I was raring to go to write it down on this blog and win plaudits and praise. An hour later I sit down, ready to write. It’s gone, out of my head.

Inspiration is one of those fleeting things, something intangible and often lost to the flow of time. I would try and record some of these, maybe try and replicate them in the future but once the emotion and background to the idea is gone. Maybe it’s just writing on a whim which works, or maybe just fighting through it, like writer’s block (which I totally don’t believe is a thing).

I’ve been trying to inject a bit more inspiration, that’s partly why I’ve been listening to a lot more ET these days, I doubt the inspiration will last long, but I feel like a kick-start is what I need. Maybe I’m wallowing in self pity, maybeI’m just stuck in a rut. But motivation is falling (Or as I should be telling myself- its at an all time high (most of you won’t get that it’s one of those talking-to-myself things))

Maybe like those smart productive people on those YouTube videos I watch, I should be carrying around some yellow legal pad to note down any ideas. That idea actually tempted me for a while once. But I’d probably lose the pen and the notepad on the first day.


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