Low Expectations

So I finally did my Grade 8 Piano today, I’d say it went well, I suppose I’ll just have to wait until I get the results back.

It’s been 3 weeks since I quit social media and with the exception of that one day where I downloaded snapchat for a bit. (I was with some friends and I wasn’t gonna be doing much productive stuff that day). Anyway I’ve decided to reward myself and download snapchat for now. I had originally thought that I would re-download all social media after my Piano exam but honestly I quite like not having social media.

In the face of all this I probably had a bit to write about, I was planning on writing something about forward momentum or the winner effect but I totally lost all my ideas over dinner. (which was some incredible chilli lobster and crab and some other stuff like that).

I decided to write about something that I thought about as a kid. The concept of having low expectations. I believe I used to phrase it as: “he who has the lowest expectations, will be the happiest.” It made sense, if you have low expectations you’ll never be disappointed and thus be happier. Maybe it’s something I should do. At least lowering my criteria for humour and what makes me happier should be something I strive for.

Oh well, maybe I’ll start laughing at pointless things now, take inspiration from that Mini Orgasms post from a while ago.


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