Parkinson’s Law

Procrastination taught me how to do 15 minutes work in 8 hours

and to do 8 hours work in 15 minutes

This was the first post I saw on Instagram in 3 weeks and 2 days. Ire-downloaded it again, gave in to the temptation (Well strictly speaking I did it to improve my quality of work- during my 5 minute pomodoro rest there’s no way I’m watching a YouTube video).

I totally believe in chance and coincidences all being part of or Lord Odin’s plan for all of us on Midgard, why shouldn’t I? It’s a wondrous thing thinking that all things happen for a reason. The stars aligned so that I would’ve found all these web influencers, I was born into a rich country, into a good family. I wasn’t given a debilitating disease (apart from a roguish wit and crappy eyesight) and all this other stuff that made me (plus I won the sperm race (I’ve been a sprinter since day one).

Anyway, I quite liked this quote, I’d read it in the four hour work week and few weeks ago and thought oh well, I’ll write a post about it. I’m totally out of ideas, plus I’m less emotionally unstable (gone from a strong 3 in anxiety levels to a weak 2) and English revision makes me want to tie a brick to my foot, cover myself in whale fat and blood, jump into the mariana trench and try to swim as deep as I can before I either get eaten, or have my head explode (I was hoping for 20+ metres vertically down)

It’s quite a nice quote. It makes sense and I reckon it works quite well, attempting a lot of stuff that seems impossible together is something I’d quite like to do, people can adapt pretty ridiculously well (speaking of doing lots of things I still have 60 pushups to do before bed – it’s currently 10:30).


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